Authorities are verifying reports that 17 high school students were “suffering from demonic possession”.

Another “possession” recurred on Friday night involving nine of the 17 students who were previously reported to be “possessed by evil spirits” last Wednesday, July 10.

This time, the alleged possession was caught on film by a staff of GMA’s top-rating show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

A parent told Bohol Island News that the school burned incense to ward off evil spirits.

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Classes were not suspended, according to the parent who asked not to be identified.

In spite of this incident, the teachers remained calm and facilitated for the transfer of the students from their classroom to the principal’s office, where they tried to calm them down.

The parent also said that there were psychologists present on Friday night.

A “mananambal” or faith healer, who has the ability to communicate with the supernatural, was also invited by the school that night.

This occurrence started last Wednesday after the Cogon Public Market was razed by fire.

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Allegedly, a schoolgirl claimed to have seen a ghost of a kid. She then fainted and started having seizures.

This spread to 16 other students.

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Tarsier 117 and a priest were called for help until the students were calmed down.

Several students who witnessed the unusual phenomenon told Bohol Island News that they were shocked to see their classmates convulsing.

“Kusgan kaayo unya nagsige og siyagit (They were so strong and they were always shouting),” said one male student who requested anonymity.

Teachers said they cannot tell if the students were “possessed by bad spirits”, adding that they are still investigating the incident.

However, some teachers claimed that they found some of their students were suffering from depression and made them lose their appetite to eat.

Some students brushed aside the incident saying the rest of their schoolmates “appeared to be just acting”.

In a similar incident, three elementary students of Eastern Cogon Elem. School in the same barangay were reportedly brought to Cogon Shrine for as school officials sought the intervention of the church of this alleged possession.

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Lay ministers who assisted during the healing at Cogon Shrine urged the people to go to church for them “to increase their faith and relationship with God”.

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