Updated:  July 11, 2019 / 6 p.m.

Some 17 students have reportedly fainted and collapsed in a public school in Barangay  Cogon in Tagbilaran City last night, July 10, after reportedly being “possessed by an evil spirit”.

The night classes in Cogon High School-Evening Session were suspended after this caused panic in the school.

It started when the students reportedly saw a black child with red eyes in the classrooms, according to the students’ accounts.

Students from other sections in Grades 9 and 10  reportedly suffered from the same possession.

They began shaking and some reportedly had trouble breathing, according to school officials.

Tarsier 117 personnel came to the school to help.

Others became wild when they asked a priest to come to school to pray for them.  After the priest prayed for them, the students became calm.

Lyn, a Grade 9 student said that when they saw the black kid at past 8 p.m., they became terrified and emotional.

The school officials plan to invite a priest to hold a mass in the school and bless the classrooms to “drive evil spirits away”.


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