Updated: At 5 p.m., July 3, 2019

In a rare occasion, residents of some villages in Toledo City, Cebu witnessed a hailstorm on Wednesday afternoon, July 3.

Pellets of ice rained down on Barangays Don Andres Soriano (Lutopan), Media Once, Cambang-ug and Sam-ang on Wednesday at past 1 p.m. as the rest of the province roasted under the scorching hot sun.

Madznil Marata told Bohol Island News that workers at Carmen Copper Corporation in Lutopan were amused to see hailstones for the first time.

They even joked that they had ice to be used for their wine.

However, the hailstorm lasted only for about two minutes.

Engr. Pilar Canga, City Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO), confirmed the raining of ice pellets in some parts of Toledo.

Canga who verified the videos posted said the raining of ice pellets was observed to last for five minutes at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

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