When you think about mixing alcoholic drinks, one can picture out a bartender using a jigger or a Boston shaker set on a bar.

However, a birthday celebrant and his brother thought you can’t just use that to serve drinks to 200 guests. You needed a piece of bigger equipment to mix the drinks.

This was how Dean Albert Peligro Raynaldo and his brother Daryl thought of using a washing machine this time to mix their drinks.


They bought a brand new washing machine that has an estimated cost of P2,000 – P3,000 along with the other groceries and other things they needed for Dean’s birthday celebration.

Dean, a resident of Tagbilaran City, told Bohol Island News (BIN) that they have been mixing drinks out of the usual way of doing it.

Before they thought of using a washing machine, they tried mixing the drinks using a  gallon water container. When they have poured all the necessary drinks and ingredients in the container, they shake it and then install it on a water dispenser.

“Naa’y one time nga gatapok mi with my brother and na open nako nga pangutana is unsa kahay easiest way to mix? Kay maglisud mi og mix sauna kay bug-at kay ang container alsaon and iuyog-uyog ra. Kalit lang mi suggest akong brother nga unsa kahag washing machine atong gamiton? Then, mao to tyming hapit na ako birthday gipadayun gyud namo ang maong plano,”  Dean shared in an interview over Facebook Messenger.

How did they pour the drinks?

Dean said they used the drain of the washing machine to pour the contents unto the pitcher for every table.

He added it’s much cheaper and his guests really enjoyed it.

In fact, one of his guests Camille Tamayo Gabuya told BIN she was surprised that Dean really pushed with the idea of using a washing machine.

Amused by the idea, Gabuya uploaded the video of the actual pouring of drinks unto the washing machine and uploaded it on her Facebook account.

In just five days, the video went viral. It now has more than 3 million views and 118,000 shares since it was uploaded last Thursday, June 27.

The guest’s feedback on the drink?

Dean said they liked it since the alcohol really blended well with the concentrated fruit juice they added.

As to the washing machine, Dean said they intend to use it again.

He said they already cleaned it and put it back inside the box for future occasions. //

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