A piglet named “Momay” in Panglao, Bohol was born with two sex organs.

Businesswoman Alma Esterado of Panglao Home Furnishing said she has been raising and selling pigs for more than 10 years but it was her first time to meet a peculiar case.

The pig, who were among the 12 piglets born to pig “Bruha”, may have suffered from genetic abnormality as it was developing inside its mother’s womb, according to veterinarians.

The hermaphrodite piglet was born with female and male genitals.

This case may be caused by the abnormality of the development of the pig’s sexual organ.

Moymay is now one day old but looks healthy in spite her peculiar condition.

Alma said she wants to keep Moymay as her pet.

“Moymay is unique. It’s a blessing for us,” she said.


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