There may be problems that will arise once the renaming of Mactan International Airport will push thru.

Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) General Manager Steve Dicdican identified one of the problems involving branding of the airport.

“Definitely there will be a branding effect on the airport but it is just a name. What is important is the experience that the passengers have regardless of what the name of the airport is,” Dicdican said.

Just this month, the Lower House has already approved the renaming of the airport to Lapu-Lapu Cebu International Airport.

Photo courtesy from Cebu Provincial Government

However, this will still have to pass through the Senate before it’s signed into law.

Dicdican emphasized that the airport is known internationally with the island’s name “Mactan” and the province name “Cebu”.

He warned it might cause confusion.

“When we go out to conventions, summits, networking meetings, people know where Mactan-Cebu is,” Dicdican said.

“So if we have to change the name, as long as the word Cebu is there, I guess it would not be much of an issue,” he adds.

Mactan is the name of the small island where Lapu-Lapu City is located.//

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